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  1. Pain Creature
  2. Caring Companion
  3. Squeaky/Pain
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  1. Pain Creature / Performance
  2. Odyssey for One
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Second Skin
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Design Space: Dila & Mathilda
  1. Woven Narratives from Anatolia

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1. Pain Creature / Performance 

Designer & Performer: Dila Demir
Photography by: Kadri Tiganik
Sound Design & Software Development: Vincenzo Madaghiele

                Pain Creature is a performative work that externalizes the pain(s) experience of the performer (the diseased body). It uses sound to explicate the various qualities of felt experience of pain reacting to the movements and touches of the diseased body. The performance happens between the body and the interactive wearable textiles that called as the soma extension. The soma extension is the physical manifestation of the pain and through kinesthetically unfold  with the soma extension the body communicates her pain and in each movement becomes a new with pain.

The performance is developed based on my doctoral research where I explore how pain can be externalized through movement-based interactive textiles. With my collaborator Vincenzo Madaghiele, who is the sound designer and the software developer, we turned the interactive textiles that were developed within my Ph.D. into a performance. Through this performance we explore how implicit bodily experiences can be communicated to others and what happens when we witness the pain of others.

The premiere of the performance will be in Vent Space, Tallinn, Estonia in December 2023. Stay tuned!