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A. Dila Demir (1990, Ankara) is a  designer-reseacher based in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD research at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Dila holds a bachelor degree from interior architecture (Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University) and a master degree from textile design (Estonian Academy of Arts). She explores the aesthetics of spatial and bodily interactions and utilizes textiles to design these interactions. She is highly involved with bodily practices i.e. yoga and dance improvisation. Dila interweaves bodily practices with her design research. Her topics of research interests are: design research, critical and speculative design, soma design interactive textiles, movement-based interactions, somaesthetics, aesthetics of bodily engagements, textile craft techniques.

In her PhD, she explores how intercative wearable textiles can facilitate bodily awareness through movement-based interactions.