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  1. Multi-Sensory Design for Somatic Wellbeing
  2. Pain Creature
  3. Caring Compnaion
  4. Squeaky/Pain
  5. Aura

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  1. Woven Narratives: Immersive Rugs
  2. Pain Creature/Performance
  3. Odyssey for One
  4. Interactive Costume Design
  5. Metamorphosis
  6. Memory Space
  7. Textile Explortions

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2. Pain Creature/Performance

Performance by nar.interactive
Interactive Costume Designer & Performer: Dila Demir
Sound Artist & Technical Development: Vincenzo Madaghiele

Photography by: Kadri Tiganik

           Pain Creature is a performative creation that explores the communication of bodily discomforts and the dynamics of witnessing others' pain. Developed by nar.interactive, an artist duo consisting of myself and sound artist Vincenzo Madaghiele, this unique performance explores the intersection of physical pain and its externalization through an interactive costume called the soma extension.

            The soma extension serves as a tangible manifestation of the pains I experience, employing auditory and tactile elements to convey the lived experience of a diseased body. The premiere of Pain Creature took place at Vent Space in Tallinn, Estonia, in December 2023. The performance unfolds as a narrative of living with a painful body, inviting the audience to engage with and reflect upon the multifaceted aspects of chronic pain.