Dila Demir

Welcome to my creative space. I am Dila, here I share the things I make and explore. I hope you will find something inspiring. 
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  1. Multi-Sensory Design for Somatic Wellbeing
  2. Pain Creature
  3. Caring Compnaion
  4. Squeaky/Pain
  5. Aura

Artistic Explorations
  1. Woven Narratives: Immersive Rugs
  2. Pain Creature/Performance
  3. Odyssey for One
  4. Interactive Costume Design
  5. Metamorphosis
  6. Memory Space
  7. Textile Explortions

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6. Memory Space

Year: 2017
Photography by Katerina
Artist: Dila Demir
Technique: laser cutting, sewing, embroidery
Material: felt, various yarns, mesh fabric

                Memory Space is a search for the textures of nature through the tactile eye.        
                be in that moment when your eyes makes you feel the tactility, the smell and the sound
                 be in that moment when your skin feels and memorizes