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Welcome to my creative space. I am Dila, here I share the things I make and explore. I hope you will find something inspiring.
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  1. Pain Creature
  2. Caring Companion
  3. Squeaky/Pain
  4. Aura

Artistic Explorations
  1. Pain Creature / Performance
  2. Odyssey for One
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Second Skin
  5. Memory Space

Design Space: Dila & Mathilda
  1. Woven Narratives from Anatolia

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Photography by Kadri Tiganik

Merhaba/Tere/Hi! I am Dila, moving in this world since1990, from Turkey living in Tallinn, Estonia. 

I am an artist, designer & researher, in addition, I am a movement experimenter,  a certified yoga instructor and an improvisational dance practitioner. My research interweaves movement practices, material explorations (textiles & biomaterials) and sensory bodily inquiries. I work in the fields of interactive textiles, Human-Computer-Interaction and material studies. 

I engage with soma design, critical design, autoethnography, participatory design and first-person design methods. I am inspired by phenomenology of movement, embodied cognition, aesthetic experiences, phenomenology of illness, care, feminist and post-human theories. I am interested how we may promote the bodily awareness of people living with bodily discomforts such as chronic pain, chronic gut diseases and mental disordes through designing discomforting interactions. 

Currently, I am a Ph.D candidate at the Estonian Academy of Arts. My Ph.D. research focuses on somaestheitc awareness of chronic pain through the use of interactive wearable textiles.
You can find more about my docotral research here ︎︎︎

arife.demir@artun.ee / dmr.dila@gmail.com