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Welcome to my creative space. I am Dila, here I share the things I make and explore. I hope you will find something inspiring.
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  1. Pain Creature
  2. Caring Companion
  3. Squeaky/Pain
  4. Aura

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  1. Pain Creature / Performance
  2. Odyssey for One
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Second Skin
  5. Memory Space

Design Space: Dila & Mathilda
  1. Woven Narratives from Anatolia

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4. Metamorphosis 

Year: 2018
Photography by Mehmet Can Boysan
Artist & Model: Dila Demir
Technique: knitting and tapestry weaving Material: raffia, paper, and hemp yarn

                Metamorphosis is a series of knitted and woven textiles that explores the transformation of the body searching for the natural forms.