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Welcome to my creative space. I am Dila, here I share the things I make and explore. I hope you will find something inspiring. 
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  1. Pain Creature
  2. Caring Compnaion
  3. Squeaky/Pain
  4. Aura

Artistic Explorations
  1. Woven Narratives: Immersive Rugs
  2. Pain Creature/Performance
  3. Odyssey for One
  4. Interactive Costume Design
  5. Metamorphosis
  6. Memory Space
  7. Textile Explortions

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1. Woven Narratives: Immersive Rugs

Woven Narratives: Immersive Rugs (WNIR) is a visionary project that seamlessly marries the age-old artistry of rug-making with the digital era, igniting captivating aesthetic experiences within contemporary interiors Anchored in four core principles—preserving cultural heritage, championing sustainability, harnessing digital innovation, and elevating everyday aesthetics—WNIR embarks on a mission to resurrect the ancient narratives woven into Anatolian rug patterns, creating spaces where cultural heritage thrives anew.

This project developed through the collaboration of Dila & Mathilda with Vincenzo Madaghiele under nar.interactive.  Together, we weave our passion into a harmonious symphony, using touch and sound interactions to breathe new life into the Anatolian rug patterns. Our project, WNIR, transcends the boundaries of tradition and technology, safeguarding Anatolia's cultural heritage while inviting individuals to immerse themselves in these tales through tactile and auditory encounters. With Dila & Mathilda's expertise in textiles and Vincenzo's mastery of soundscapes, we transform therugs into living, breathing repositories of history, offering a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, bridging the past and present in a truly mesmerizing way.

The project is funded by European Comission’s WORTH Partnership Project and presented at Milan Design Week 2024. 

Rug design handwoven by Dila & Mathilda
Sound design & Creative Coding by Vincenzo Madaghile
Photography by Vincenzo Madaghiele